Luc Houtkamp
The Rule of Thumb

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Luc Houtkamp, tenor saxophone and computer controlled live electronics; Richard Teitelbaum, keyboards and computer: 1021 (07.10); recorded Amsterdam 21 October 1991.

Luc Houtkamp, alto saxophone: The Rule of thumb [version for saxophone and computer] (08.13); recorded Amsterdam 13 January 1993.

Jacques Palinckx, electric guitar: The Rule of thumb [version for electric guitar and computer] (04.48); recorded Amsterdam 11 January 1993.

Luc Houtkamp, tenor saxophone: Vogeltrek [for saxophone, computer and computer controlled piano] (05.29); recorded in Amsterdam 27 January 1993.

Luc Houtkamp, alto saxophone; George Lewis, trombone: 718 (05.47); recorded Nickelsdorf 18 July 1992.

Luc Houtkamp, tenor saxophone: Odd & even [for saxophone and tape] (16.37); recorded Amsterdam 29 January 1988.