Luc Houtkamp
The Duo Recordings

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Luc Houtkamp, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, in duo with:

George Lewis, trombone: Rendang heat wave (09.04); recorded at the STEIM concert space, Amsterdam on 18 December 1993

Gert-Jan Prins, timpani: De pijp (07.37); recorded at Gert-Jan's rehearsal space, Amsterdam on June 25 1998

John Russell, acoustic plectrum guitar: Bubble & squeak (11.25); recorded at Red Rose, London on 19 July 1998

Martin Blume, percussion: Kickin' the gong around (04.52); recorded at Museum Bochum, Bochum on 18 May 1996

Wiek Hijmans, electric guitar: Appel & Ei (06.18); recorded in Luc's bedroom studio, Den Haag on 17 August 1998

Lori Freedman, bass clarinet: Beertje (05.54); recorded in Luc's bedroom studio, Den Haag on 31 March 1998

Ned Rothenberg, alto saxophone: Tickle toe (08.30); recorded at the Open Space Gallery, Allentown PA on 22 November 1992

IMISAM II (interactive computer program written by Luc Houtkamp), disklavier: Duo for man alone (08.27); recorded at the Conservatorium, Enschede on 24 June 1998

Günter Christmann, trombone: Tokoloshes paradise (02.38); recorded at Korzo Theater, Den Haag on 17 March 1995