Various Musicians
The Thunderclaps CD : Live at the Den Haag Korzo Theatre

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Derek Bailey, guitar, voice; Eugene Chadbourne, voice, banjo, rake: Instant discoveries nr. 1 (02.52). Recorded on 13 January 1995. This track later released on Rectangle L.

Peter Cusack, bouzouki, tapes, live electronics: Safari, from 'Where is the green parot?' (04.55). Recorded 26 April 1996.

Charles Ives Study no. 20, Even durations - unevenly divided [1908] (07.33); played by John Snijders, piano. Recorded 17 Febrary 1995.

Sludge 2000 [Stephan Wittwer, guitar; Marino Pliakas, bass; Lucas Niggli, drums]: Instant discoveries nr. 2 (11.53). Recorded on 29 March 1996.

Joanna Stepalska Valse macabre [1995] for tape and double bass (03.00); played by André Dienske, double bass. Recorded 17 Febrary 1995.

Huib Emmer, live electronics: The twist [1994]. Recorded 13 January 1995.

Sainkho Namtchylak, voice: Slow morning (03.01). Recorded on 17 February 1995.

Luc Houtkamp, tenor saxophone, Misha Mengelberg, piano; Gert-Jan Prins, percussion: Instant discoveries nr. 3 (16.58). Recorded on 26 April 1996.

Only a mother [Frank Pahl, banjo, vocals; Marco Novachcoff, cello; Bobbi Benson, bass, Doug Gourlay, percussion]: A little blackout (05.30). Recorded 26 April 1996.